An interactive catalog allows you to increase the impact of your communication with it, you can publish and promote your products on the Internet as an animated book.
Your catalog is thus more dynamic and more alive with the technique of turning pages, giving the impression to your readers to browse your documents.
This has the advantage of achieving its quality, reducing costs of printing and many customization options.

For any content that does not require regular updating example

* Leaflet Company
You are a small SME or without internet, put your brochure online and have a website at a lower cost, in record time, while taking advantage of investments already made!
* Tourist brochure
Submit your online brochures and tourist brochures to inform and attract a new audience!

Our offer includes:

* Corporate Identity / Design your website:

- Research and graphical analysis of your business
- Design your custom graphic

* Features your website:

- 3 pages maximum for the reception and presentation of your company
- Interactive catalog with your products and your services (provide PDF)
- Page contact form
- Page contact & access map by geolocation Google map
- Page Partners

* Features for the user:
- Summary of book
- Button to download the entire book or choice of pages in PDF
- Zoom tool magnifies increments the entire double-page reading
- How to browse the book naturally
- Print function at the bottom of each page
- Help section specifying the functionality of each button

You retain the layout and browsing habits of a paper book, by integrating advanced search functions.
The user has quick access to all pages of your catalog with one click.
You personalize the look of your content for a full integration over the graphic version of your paper.

* Content:
- The images and texts (for home and company presentation)
- Files pdf doc file (for the content of the catalog)

* List your site:
- Choosing keywords
- Optimizing pages for an effective referencing
- Rewrite urls in "natural language"
- Manual registration in major search engines
- Manual submission in directories Francophone
- Automatic Google Sitemap

* Accommodation:

- Up to 500MB of space for your data
- Up to 10 GB of traffic per month
- Daily backup of data

* Services:
- Reservation or transfer your or your domain name
- Full statistics visits
- 1000 Custom Emails ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is protected against spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
- Technical support by email Unlimited
- Maintenance and Monitoring



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