Our company is committed to prepare and train the technical team of the project (technicians and engineers).

We set as well venues and visits to the related German

company and on site visits of similar projects and companies among our partners.

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For more demonstration please visit our catalogue in tow language English catalogue and Arabic catalogue.In our catalogue we give a full solution for manufacturing to provide you with customized solution.


We offer continuous project assessment and follow-up and control of conformity to international standards.We provide, as well, the efficient solutions and reliable means to increase production and benefit levels.

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Print Works

Agency communications consultancy specializing in new media,  we are with all your multimedia projects: Internet, extranet, intranet, CD ROM ...

We provides printing services to commercial customers - often with the corporate identity, website design and animation. We can create your printed documents from scratch, or we can rethink your identity and integrate it into your document editing. Our creative team and make it easy for you and your staff.

We managed to create materials for professionals, businesses, universities and government agencies.

Our creative:

* Graphic Design
* Branding and identity development
* Photography Illustration
* Art and proofreading

Printed materials may include:

* Heads of letters, business cards and other stationery
* Brochures and price lists
* Pamphlets and promotional materials
* The display of graphics and exhibition
* Logos *
* Brochures
* Support cards
* Magazines
* Catalogs
* Cards
* Advertising in newspapers
* Stands
* Signs

* Logo Design:

Your logo is the public face of your business and you have just one chance to make that first impression. We can help you ensure that it is correct. We will work with you to create a logo that you can be proud and which truly represents your company. Designed for instant identification, design a logo appears throughout the paper bearing the letterhead of your company and promotional material, your Web sites and signs as an emblem of your organization, which is easily recognized .

* The business cards of single color (black on white) for full color, full of photographs, two cards face shining with full bleeds. Your business card is an introduction to your company. It should reflect who you are, what you do and what you represent. We can help you create a visually attractive card that establishes your business done and professional.

* Brochures / Flyers / Rack Cards / Posters:

A brochure is an excellent way to give people more information about your business. Nothing beats face-to-face with a potential client, but when your time is limited, a brochure can fill in the details.

* Magazines / Cards / Postcards / Calendars:

Ideal for movies, album promotions and events, product launches and advertising campaigns.

* Advertisements / Signage / Bulletin Boards / Banners / Directory / Bus Ads:

If you want to place an advertisement, mail postcards, special offers, or offer a quarterly newsletter, we can assure you that your message is clear to your customers. Your ads need to capture public attention and "jump" to the sea in one of your competitors.



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