www.marketing-new.com . Full marketing package. Your best destination for a better marketed branding and boosted sales and contact list. Trust us and achieve the highest level of promotion, profitability and positioning. 
We assist you to make the best choice through various high quality projects:

  1. Full press printing production line of magazines, phone and bank plastic cards, wishing cards and printing on integrated CD
  2. Production line plastic injection
  3. Aluminum ingots production line
  4. Pumice production line
  5. Lightning poles production line
  6. Hydrogene and Azote gases production line
  7. Moulds production line, various shapes and dimensions
  8. Production line of composed (modified) food and other recyclable materials
  9. PCB production line
  10. PCB On-line maintenance
  11. Flash memories production line
  12. Tires recycling
  13. Wood recycling
  14. Waste recycling
  15. Polystyrene recycling
  16. Glass recycling
  17. Wires recycling

We commit to accompany you from studies, advising, through implementation, follow-up, to marketing and enabling you with the best means to increase your sales and benefit.
We advise you to make the best choice on project items, trends and supplier. We train your technical team according to your specialty and coordinate on site visits to similar companies and to related suppliers. 
www.marketing-new.com simply provides you with the best, ideal and most efficient tools to better orient your investment and promote your branding towards success and everlasting existence.
Never have to worry about marketing what you invested for, Trust us to care about it. We enable you generate sales, conquer new customers, and acquire powerful communication media through developing your website, own specific graphic features, well set booklets and magazine, a powerful letter, customized envelopes, logo and visit cards.
Just trust us and get to the most profitable project, the best promotional means and a ideal and everlasting existence.



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