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Thursday, 08 July 2010 07:52

Makeover, redesign, website redesign

Your web site needs a more current or more professional look? Offer him(her) a session of relooking or reshape him(it) completely!            

Of the simple change of appearance (by keeping(guarding) possibly the main lines of your current site) for the complete revision, we take care with giving a new youth to your Web site.

What are the differences between an update, a relooking and a revision of web site? There are no official definitions, but we propose this:

* Update: the general appearance of the web site does not change, only texts and images of illustration are modified. We can possibly add pages  on the model of the existing pages.
* Relooking or new look: the general appearance ( the dressing) of the Web site is modified, but texts and images of illustration remain generally unchanged.
* Revision or reorganization:The website is completely recreated. Pages are added or removed. Some elements (texts and pictures) from the old version can be reused.

Example Makeover :

Before                                                After

This is a potential opportunity to integrate new tools such as a contact form or reservation, an interactive calendar, a newsletter manager, etc..

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