To see you care about your image. Keep(guard) your site up to date and "cool"

and to give to your prospects a reason for returning!

Today, Web sites are not any more one-time build. The success of Web sites and campaigns(countrysides) require a continuous support, the updates, case studies, Blogs, RSS Feeds, new glances, launches of products and the updates, the forums, the events, the news(short stories) of the company and much more.

We proposes different package of support and maintenance, in a fraction of the cost of the hiring of a full-time employee to make similar activities.

CMS (Satisfied Management Systems)

CMS allows every user registered(recorded) to connect you and to make modifications and updates of their Web site thanks to a tool easy to use the module, similar to the edition(publishing) of a document WORD. It requires approximately 1-2 hours of initial training(formation), then later modifications can be made in some seconds, every time you need them and so often as you, please for a fixed cost.



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