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An investment in wine alone can take time to return, but an investment in wine coupled with staff training can give a business a strong competitive edge and develop loyalty through satisfied clientele.

The Big Picture - The Value of Training

The key to effective staff training is to identify the principal duties of the staff members themselves, and to ensure that they are aware of their individual roles and responsibilities. Beyond that, a regular scheduled session should be put in place that not only addresses current responsibilities, but also acknowledges that all staff should be interested in developing their own skills and understanding the importance of their role in the business.

Well-trained staff with refined skills and depth of knowledge can bring a great wine collection – indeed, a great restaurant - to life. Having established that service is a key element to customer satisfaction as well an important contribution to the ‘feel’ of every restaurant operation, staff training is the obvious investment a business must make in its most important asset: the staff.



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