Our company is committed to prepare and train the technical team of the project (technicians and engineers).

We set as well venues and visits to the related German

company and on site visits of similar projects and companies among our partners.

Our catalogue



For more demonstration please visit our catalogue in tow language English catalogue and Arabic catalogue.In our catalogue we give a full solution for manufacturing to provide you with customized solution.


We offer continuous project assessment and follow-up and control of conformity to international standards.We provide, as well, the efficient solutions and reliable means to increase production and benefit levels.

Training E-mail

An investment in wine alone can take time to return, but an investment in wine coupled with staff training can give a business a strong competitive edge and develop loyalty through satisfied clientele.

The Big Picture - The Value of Training

The key to effective staff training is to identify the principal duties of the staff members themselves, and to ensure that they are aware of their individual roles and responsibilities. Beyond that, a regular scheduled session should be put in place that not only addresses current responsibilities, but also acknowledges that all staff should be interested in developing their own skills and understanding the importance of their role in the business.

Well-trained staff with refined skills and depth of knowledge can bring a great wine collection – indeed, a great restaurant - to life. Having established that service is a key element to customer satisfaction as well an important contribution to the ‘feel’ of every restaurant operation, staff training is the obvious investment a business must make in its most important asset: the staff.


To see you care about your image. Keep(guard) your site up to date and "cool"

and to give to your prospects a reason for returning!

Today, Web sites are not any more one-time build. The success of Web sites and campaigns(countrysides) require a continuous support, the updates, case studies, Blogs, RSS Feeds, new glances, launches of products and the updates, the forums, the events, the news(short stories) of the company and much more.

We proposes different package of support and maintenance, in a fraction of the cost of the hiring of a full-time employee to make similar activities.

CMS (Satisfied Management Systems)

CMS allows every user registered(recorded) to connect you and to make modifications and updates of their Web site thanks to a tool easy to use the module, similar to the edition(publishing) of a document WORD. It requires approximately 1-2 hours of initial training(formation), then later modifications can be made in some seconds, every time you need them and so often as you, please for a fixed cost.

Web design PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 09 July 2010 09:52

The success of an Internet project rests(bases) on a complex mixture.

People already know that their site is them more major customer of the leading element. He(it) addresses more persons than your company or of the brochure of sale been never able to. They also know that they have options for the on-line business, to generate tracks(runways), to communicate and to make sensitive the staff and to use their web site as business tool. But once again, little saw coming the whole strategy successfully.

A customer came to us, him  two years, the confusion that his Web site of the company(society) was not really useful for him. Naturally, his(her,its) Web site seemed nice, was livened up(led), any building(ship), and shows what the company offers as service, but hardly more.

We sit and had several consultations with the members of staff, redrew and reconstructs the site, and threw(launched) a kick in the course of campaign(countryside) SEO - within six months, we had emitted(uttered) a 171 % of return on their investment with us.

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web developpment

We provide end-to-end solutions to our clients—from product strategy, affordable website design, website development to software development and offshore service. We ensure that our services and solutions are user friendly, can be implemented and learned with little effort and should maximize profits. You have access to 24/7 support.

At Ep Technologie Web Design Company each project is given special attention in order to meet your thorough requirements. We work very closely with our clients during requirement gathering stage to capture business processes details. We analyze business process requirements and suggest you the best possible solutions accordingly. Our project team then selects and creates the best possible solution to meet your business requirements. All these collaborative activities result in affordable custom website design and development.

We bring professionals, experienced and trained minds to fulfill your business needs. We work with you thoroughly from concept and analysis to final solution implementation and evaluation phase. We ensure that you have a maximum cost-benefit advantage, and work within agreed scheduling, budgeting and security constraints. Our competitive costs combined with the best technologies and experienced expertise deliver top solutions to clients worldwide.

Our professional web designers create web designs with latest tools and technologies that can add an edge to your online identity and give a cutting edge to your business. We provide you with broad representative web based services including:

  • E-commerce websites development
  • Web Portals development
  • Flash website designing
  • Social Networks development
  • Simple static sites
  • Graphics designing
  • Logo designing
  • 3D designs
  • Website redesign
  • Multimedia solutions
  • Content management solutions
  • Website maintenance
  • Website promotion
  • SEO content writing
  • Technical writing solutions
  • Outsourcing
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Makeover, redesign, website redesign

Your web site needs a more current or more professional look? Offer him(her) a session of relooking or reshape him(it) completely!            

Of the simple change of appearance (by keeping(guarding) possibly the main lines of your current site) for the complete revision, we take care with giving a new youth to your Web site.

What are the differences between an update, a relooking and a revision of web site? There are no official definitions, but we propose this:

* Update: the general appearance of the web site does not change, only texts and images of illustration are modified. We can possibly add pages  on the model of the existing pages.
* Relooking or new look: the general appearance ( the dressing) of the Web site is modified, but texts and images of illustration remain generally unchanged.
* Revision or reorganization:The website is completely recreated. Pages are added or removed. Some elements (texts and pictures) from the old version can be reused.

Example Makeover :

Before                                                After

This is a potential opportunity to integrate new tools such as a contact form or reservation, an interactive calendar, a newsletter manager, etc..

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