Our company is committed to prepare and train the technical team of the project (technicians and engineers).

We set as well venues and visits to the related German

company and on site visits of similar projects and companies among our partners.

Our catalogue



For more demonstration please visit our catalogue in tow language English catalogue and Arabic catalogue.In our catalogue we give a full solution for manufacturing to provide you with customized solution.


We offer continuous project assessment and follow-up and control of conformity to international standards.We provide, as well, the efficient solutions and reliable means to increase production and benefit levels.


Marketing Agency

All our steps in communication are based on a marketing logic that allows you to provide a coherent work.

The method of analysis of your situation is structured and takes into account several factors for your business.

The benefits of a marketing analysis

* Have a thorough reflection, structured
* Define and weigh the different target audiences
* Determine a sustainable and profitable position
* Identify the strengths and highlight
* Develop an effective communication strategy

Marketing Success Stories

Positioning of companies, product launches, competitive analysis, evaluation of media weights and proposals. Elaborations and choice of brand names, analysis of sales methods, studies of graphic lines, marketing strategies and advertising concepts. Analysis of the flow of customers, the sales methodology and customer service. Makeover and repositioning of logos. Edits and animations of PowerPoint presentations.


Design flash

Why to be static when you can be interactive?

Interactive media makes its road on the Internet it  almost 10 years, but for the greater part, the blinking of logos, the blinking of icons, moving pictures and length intros are more than an embarrassment than an improvement.

Our jobs(businesses) by the interactive media who anticipates your attention of the public and generates an interest through an impressive visual conception and the presentation(display).

For example, instead of showing of the text in the linear size(format) we can oblige the sentences of dissolve(fade out) and the information within sequence, so that the page never seems " heavy text ", and every word is a luck(chance) to seize the interest of the prospect(perspective). Besides, the contents can be strengthened by images and the video to support more the message.
Flash is the most popular on Web interactive animation available tool today.


Design brochure

Brochures are excellent for the introduction of your company, its products and his(her,its) services in your perspectives.
our experts can create brochures of tried(felt) quality which is certainly going to bring to the marketing of results(profits) that you wait!

Why do you need a brochure very attractive? Your specific brochures have to benefit from features to have an impact on your target and to obtain effective results(profits). To be attractive, what carries(wears) a clear message, is thus a best.

Of high quality, professionals of brochures will allow you to promote your products and services in the most elegant.

we can conceive files with flap and inserts, brochures two shutters(sectors), brochures in three shutters(sectors), catalogs and leaflets which have the necessary characteristics to distance itself besides, and so, obtain the marketing of


Design Logo

What a logo? Why is he(it) important for your project or your company?

Design logo is the art to create rooms(parts,plays) of the graphic conception that - so well made - to associate a certain combination(overall) of forms and colors with a mark(brand), an idea or a concept. The results(profits) of the process of conception of logo will have an important influence in the whole of the identity of your project, the mark(brand) or the company(society), as the logo is the most important element and settles(adjusts) guidelines (colors, forms, textures, etc.) which(who) will be used for all the works of graphic conception.

Because of what precedes, he(it) is of the highest importance that this process of conception is assured(insured) by professionals of logo designers.

Logos which are conceived by carelessness(negligence) did not owe in the time(weather), did not owe in mind of your prospects and, generally, eventually rethink(eventually think again) - with the costs of conception and impression(printing) of all


Email marketing has proven to be both efficient and effective means for reaching customers and prospects, but many companies fail to utilize the full power and capabilities of well-designed campaign by e-mail.
Effective Email Marketing starts with a Compelling Design and Interactive Email.

The e-mails can be very interactive. Your prospects are at a click of your website, landing page, or even an advance form of seizure. The impression you make and how you guide customers and prospects to a conversion goal is absolutely crucial to the success of your e-mail marketing.

Your e-mail when designing the campaign, Remember CNA

Like all customers facing the media, well-designed campaign by e-mail should use AAIC: Attracting, Intrigue, inform your readers and the call to action.

The key elements of effective Email Design :

* A professional design that reflects your brand identity and imagery (draw)

* An object that requires the recipient to read (draw)

* A plot focused on the benefits of lead in the header that piques interest and improve the chances of your reading perspective (drawing)

* A head of transition provides details in support of lead in the head and serves as a bridge to the body content (Intrigue)

* Information and persuasive body content (Inform)

* Interactive links to your homepage or other pages, pages, whitepapers, blogs, special products or service offerings (Call to Action)

* A registration form to the form. (Do not assume that everyone who reads your e-mail address is already signed. Intriguing emails can be sent to thousands of new prospects.) (Call to Action)

* A very suggestive and offer (Call to Action)

Why Email Marketing so effective?

Email is an integral part of our lives and for many people, the primary means of communication. And while our mailboxes are often filled with messages that we do not want, if we get something worthy of our attention or something that meets an unmet need, we are probably at least give it a shot eye.

With email marketing, you will get one of three very clear answers:

1. Click here to open (I'm interested)
2. Remove / unsubscribe (Get out of my Life)
3. No action (I'm too busy to act now, but I read later)

Yes. In fact, we have seen above, even the results of some well-designed campaigns. And almost all our campaigns and more than 3% per click. With results like these, email marketing can not be ignored.
ImageWorks Mail Marketing Services

E-mail * Customized Design - Our designs reflect your brand and a number of interactive features. In addition, your new models of e-mails will be HTML encoded and tested in Outlook 2003 and 2007.

* Email Content Development - Many customers simply do not have the time or resources to write interesting and campaigns. Our team will help you choose a topic to discuss and refine the idea and the writing of the item you want.

* Coding of campaigns by e-mail - Once you have a model designed and developed the content, you will need to have the new email address listed with CSS and HTML encoded as a room ready for delivery. We typically do this in less than six hours.

* E-MAIL Editor - The custom editor lets you simply drop your content into an e-mail ImageWorks designed template, edit the subject, title, headers, buttons, and other elements, and generate final product without any HTML! Then just copy the HTML code in your e-mail distribution software, and you're ready to start marketing!

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